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Alcohol is the most widely abused substance by kids under 21 years of age, according to the Centers for Disease Control. 

Prescription pain medication would be next on that list. 

Imagine, one product that can help you discourage your kids from both of these dangers in your own home . 

It's here, it's simple to use, and it’s affordable. 

What is it?    The Bottle Blocker!   

This ingenious patented device works by setting up a tamper proof barrier that has to be cut off in order to gain access to the bottles. A simple snip of the locking tie and your in. BUT, once removed it can not be reused. That means if your kids get into something they will get caught. That's the beauty of this device. No kid wants to get caught. If they know you will catch them then they won't go there in the first place. And their friends won't be able to talk them into it either because the fear of getting caught is a serious deterrent. 

Watch our video below to see how easy it is to use.

Our New Improved Bottle Blocker is ready to ship! We have added individual serial numbers to our new locks, and tracking sheets so that not only will you know if a bottle is tampered with, but if an entire bottle goes missing you will know that as well. You can download our free tracking sheet with the link below.

The basic kit contains 24 locks for just $19.95. That's enough locks to take care of the average homes liquor supply and still have plenty of spare units for the bottles you use.

If you have medications that you use daily, you might consider our deluxe kit. This comes with the same 24 locks as the basic kit, along with a simple side cutter to remove the ties easily, and a metal locking box to keep your most used pill bottles in along with your spare parts.

We also sell the simple side cutter separately. Although you can remove the ties with a knife, nail cutter or wire cutter, we found these simple side cutters work best, so we are making them available for just $12.95

You can also use Bottle Blocker as a child safety lock on your cleaning suppliy bottles under your sink. It adds an extra layer of protection to keep your young children safe as well!


Watch the Bottle Blocker introduction video:


Download the Bottle Blocker Tracking Sheet (PDF)

Make sure you save your changes to the tracking sheet.

Download the Bottle Blocker Instruction Sheet (PDF)

If you are viewing this on your phone or tablet and want to use the Interactive Tracking Sheet you need to download ADOBE READER which is a free app available from Adobe. Open the Tracking Sheet file in that app. You can view and print the file directly from your Internet Browser. The file is interactive on your computer through your browser.


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